Masterclass: 5 Secrets to Lasting Change + a Better You

Tired of trying to make change but it never seems to stick? Discover 5 key ingredients to building habits and creating change that lasts. If you joined us for the Live Vibrant 7-Day Challenge, this masterclass gives everything you need to keep your momentum going. 

This masterclass also shares about Reset, the 6-month life balance group coaching intensive where you'll discover more peace, more calm and a better you as you build three small self-care habits into your life.

In Reset, we work from the inside out to make forward progress in your goals by using proven brain hacks to reframe negative thought patterns so you can live a more confident, happy life.

Through a unique combination of teaching, group coaching and online accountability/community to overcome obstacles, Reset allows you to create a custom plan for life balance that works for you!

Space is limited, and registration closes Sat, Aug 31 @ 11:59 p.m.

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