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It's Time to Take Control of Mommy Anger.

For Good.​

Tired of Being Angry? Here's the Help You've Been Looking For.

  • Identify key anger triggers.
  • Discover powerful in-the-moment anger strategies.
  • Learn how to (really) turn up the calm in your life!
  • Find a custom, step-by-step approach to lasting change.
  • Grace-filled, biblical advice from a mom that's been there!

"7 Days to a Less Angry Mom™ helped me identify the triggers that have turned me into a more bitter, hateful mom that lashes out when I just can't take any more. I've seen such progress as I've learned to recognize my emotions and deal with them with grace.”

Mom of 2

The Course Contains:


Each power-packed session is 10-18 minutes long.


Charts, journaling prompts--this is your action plan to change!


Get accountability and encouragement as you grow!

"I'm so tired of my angry-self, and I know my family is tired of angry-me. 

 I'm so glad I found the "7 Days to a Less Angry Mom™" course because that isn't who I want to be anymore.

The classes are full of encouragement and wisdom from someone who's 'been there' while being compact enough not to overwhelm an already overwhelmed momma and wife. Highly recommend."

Mom of 3

Start tackling anger right now! 

Check out this free sample teaching to see what the course is like.

You can also download a sample homework packet here.

​I am not an angry person normally, but there are triggers with my children that set me off regularly.

I do not like yelling at my kids, so I have been looking for a way to better myself. Watching these videos and working through the homework helped me look internally and learn how to manage my anger towards my children in a healthy way!"

Mom of 4

About the Course Instructor

Alicia Michelle is an Christian author, speaker and the owner/editor at YourVibrantFamily.com and ChristCenteredHolidays.com.

As a wife and mom to four kids, Alicia has dealt personally with anger in her life and uses the techniques taught in the anger course to manage life's frustrations. She has helped hundreds of other moms from all over the world discover a path to a less angry life.

Alicia has also developed other books, courses and resources for families, including My Memory Box, Christ-Centered Holiday Resources, Plan to Be Flexible, and The Back to School Survival Manual.

You're not alone in your struggles with mommy anger. Real help is here!


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