Welcome back! Today is a bonus session where we'll recap all that we've learned, and talk about tips to continue keep growing closer to God. 

P.S. Miss the Day 1, Day 2 or Day 3 resources? Click here for Day 1 (or for SGR resources)click here for Day 2; or click here for Day 3.

next steps:

Like we've been sharing, it takes time and practice to build the "muscle" of learning how to grow closer to God. 

And the #1 way to strengthen that muscle? Spending time everyday receiving God's wisdom; recognizing God at work; and releasing worry through prayer--exactly what we've been doing in the Spiritual Growth Rhythm™ Worksheets.

I want to help you continue to grow closer to God, and that's why I highly recommend you continue your growth by joining me in the "I Am Loved" 4-Week Bible Study Course!

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  • Continue to grow deep in Christ with 4 weeks worth of Spiritual Growth Rhythm™ worksheets  plus devotions and other helpful resources in the Bible Study magazine
  • Experience confident joy as God's love renews your mind
  • Rediscover hope as God's love offers a new perspective on trials
  • Find peace as God's love helps you release worry and fear

Imagine how amazing it would be to have the resources you need to not only connect powerfully with God everyday, but to learn more about God's love so you can RELEASE worry and fear on a daily basis and find new peace and joy

Take the next step and continue this amazing journey you've been on in growing closer to God by joining me in the "I am Loved" Bible Study Course!