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Are you a homeschool family on a tight budget (like my family is)? It’s still possible to homeschool well, even when money is tight! Here are 18 secrets that can save you money big time! #18 and #6 are my favorite…

On a Budget? 18 Ways to Homeschool On the Cheap

Are you on a tight budget like our family? Just like a personal family budget, staying on a homeschool budget can be a real challenge. There’s just so many great curriculums! So many cool field trips and experiences! And before we know it, we find ourselves spending WAAAAYY more than we said we would. I’m far from […]

Wow... now THIS is an important post. How can we teach kids about news and current events without telling them too much? Some great ideas and resources here. Must-read for all moms!

6 Tips for Teaching Kids About Current Events

As parents, we’re given the amazing privilege of introducing our kids to the world. Now that’s a mighty job, especially as we read frightening news headlines everyday. How can we teach kids about news and current events (without sharing too much)? Although we show discernment in how and when we discuss difficult matters, I firmly believe we need to be talking […]

At some point in your homeschool journey, I'm guessing you've asked yourself this question:

Yes, You Can Teach Your Child!

At some point in your homeschool journey, I’m guessing you’ve asked yourself this question: “Can I really teach my child?” While this is normal, and even appropriate at times (we should self-examine), please know that yes…you are enough. And not just enough, but here are a few compelling reasons why you…yes, you can teach your child the best. […]


Help! My Child Hates School

What do you do when your child hates school? That was my painful reality last year at this time. I’m sharing my story here because if you’ve never experienced this, chances are you will encounter it sometime in your tenure as a homeschool mom. Here’s what we went through; how our family navigated through this difficult […]