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24: A Simple Plan for Life Balance, Purpose & A Better Life

Looking for a simple plan for life balance? Want to discover your purpose? Ready to accomplish goals and life the best life God has planned for you? In John 10:10, Jesus calls us to vibrant living—living life to the fullest. But what does it mean, in practical terms, to have life balance, purpose and a […]

social media boundaries | digital boundaries | setting digital boundaries | setting digital limits | healthy digital boundaries | what are digital boundaries | life balance

23: How to Create Digital Boundaries for a Balanced Life with Arlene Pellicane

You’ve probably heard that it’s good for us to have digital boundaries–limits around how much screen time we have each day, especially on social media, if we want good life balance (psst.. here’s a quiz on life balance if you’re feeling overwhelmed). But how do we set up healthy digital boundaries? And, from a practical […]


22: Mindset Matters: How to Change Your Perspective & Change Your Life

Here’s the truth: You have the power to be exactly who you want to be.    But here’s the challenge: Your life can’t REALLY change until you change your perspective about your circumstances and renew your mind.   Today on the Vibrant Christian Living podcast we’re talking about the power of perspective, and how a […]

hard times | hope in hard time | finding hope | what is hope | definition of hope in God | hope in God | hope in hard times | how to find hope

21: How to Find Hope During Hard Times

What is the definition of hope, and how can we have hope during trials?   What does it mean to find hope during hard times? Is hope just wishful thinking, or can we find hope in God in all circumstances like the Bible says?    Today’s podcast episode tackles these (and many other) big questions […]

what decision should I make | making good decisions | what does god want me to do | good decisions | godly decisions | decision making process | making better decisions

20: Mindset Matters: 6 Steps to Making Good Decisions with Confidence

Are you facing a decision and need direction (and have no idea what to do next)? Today’s episode will give you great clarity on making better decisions so you can find purpose and direction during life transitions. If you’re wondering, “What decision should I make?” “What does God want me to do?” you’ll love this […]

how to calm down | calm down | find calm | calm bible verses | calm down stressed out | i need calm | finding calm | getting rid of stress | releasing stress | letting go of stress |

19: Mindset Matters: How to Calm Down When You’re Stressed Out

Stress and anxiety fill our world, so it’s essential we learn how to calm down and stay calm.   Thankfully, God has given us several practical ways to learn how to relax and to calm down  when we’re stressed out (essential skills for life balance), and they’re based on the four parts of self mentioned […]

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17: Coaching Pt 5: “How Much Does Coaching Cost?”

Today we’re talking about the #1 question I’m asked about life coaching (yes, it’s the money question): How much does coaching cost?  There are several variations of this question, including: What does a life coach cost? Can I afford a life coach? Is life coaching worth it? SO MANY women get hung up on this […]

questions about coaching | what is a life coach | how can a life coach help me | what is a christian life coach |I feel stuck | frustrated | I can't make a decision | curiousity | curiosity mindset | embrace curiousity | importance of being curious | what is the curiousity mindset

16: Coaching Pt 4: Top 10 Questions About Life Coaching

Got questions about coaching, such as what is a life coach? Maybe you’ve heard how life coaching can help you find purpose, meet your goals, and become your BEST self (the person God wants you to be)! But maybe you still have questions about coaching…? Totally understand. That’s why today’s podcast episode talks about the […]

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15: Coaching Pt 3: What Happens in a Life Coaching Session?

As a Christian life coach I’m often asked, “What is it like to work with a coach? What happens in a typical life coaching session?” If you have specific coaching questions like, “What should I expect when working with a coach?,” “What is the coaching journey like?” “How long is a coaching session?” or “How […]

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