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Want to find more life balance so you can grow closer to God? Tips on creating space, setting boundaries, and adjusting our mindsets as we seek life balance in an out-of-balance world. life balance | mental space | draw closer to god

137: How to Find Life Balance and Create Mental Space to Grow Closer to God with Christy Wright

I’m often asked “how do I create mental space to grow closer to God when my life is so busy?” Today I’m excited to bring in bestselling author Christy Wright for her perspective on how to find life balance and create life rhythms to support your priorities, such as spiritual growth.  Christy will be sharing […]

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128: Mindset Coaching: “How can I overcome my fear of pursuing God’s calling?” with Stacey

Do you have a fear of pursuing God’s calling for your life? It can be overwhelming to think about the big plans God is preparing us for! If you want to pursue your calling (but aren’t sure how to renew your mind to push past the fear) you’ll love this coaching conversation with Stacey from […]

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37: Finding Endurance for Those New + Scary Places

Are you stepping into something new and scary right now and you need endurance and hope to persevere through the hard times? Is life difficult because you’re being pushed and grown in a new way (and the growth is painful)? Or maybe you’re walking through a difficult life circumstance and you don’t have any idea […]

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20: Mindset Matters: 6 Steps to Making Good Decisions with Confidence

Are you facing a decision and need direction (and have no idea what to do next)? Today’s episode will give you great clarity on making better decisions so you can find purpose and direction during life transitions. If you’re wondering, “What decision should I make?” “What does God want me to do?” you’ll love this […]