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59: Living in God’s Love When You’ve Been Hurt with Sarah Mae

What do you do when loving yourself or loving others is hard because you’ve been hurt in the past?  How can you move through the hurt and, with God’s help, find forgiveness and healing so that you can know you are loved by God and be free to fully love others? Understanding God’s love is […]


58: Best of: How to Know God’s Love + Experience it Everyday

So many Christian women have heard “God loves you” over and over. However, many of us have not allowed this truth to permeate into our hearts, and because of it we don’t feel connected to God, and loneliness, fear and anxiety are all too common.  Why do so many of us struggle with “feeling” loved by God? […]

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1: How to Live Like You’re Loved by God

Have you ever asked yourself, “Does God REALLY love me?” Maybe you’ve heard the truth that God loves you, but do you believe it (down to the depth of your bones)? Then this episode is for you… Today we’re going to talk about why so many of us struggle to live in the light of God’s […]