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120: The Truth About Finding Contentment in God During Trials with Nicole Jacobsmeyer

Are you in search of contentment? We all want to feel God’s peace that surpasses all understanding. But how can we find contentment in God during trials?   We all wonder how to find contentment in Christ when we’re struggling through life challenges, don’t we? That’s what my guest Nicole Jacobsmeyer and I talk about […]

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80: Transformation Story: How COVID Transformed Keshia’s Relationship with God

What if COVID was an opportunity for spiritual transformation in your life? What if hard times could bring spiritual revival, a new thought life and a fresh outlook on life and your relationships?   Today we’re going to hear a powerful story from one of my Christian life coaching clients, Keisha, about how she credits […]

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64: When You Doubt Your Faith and Have Questions About God with Robin Dance

Ever wondered, “is it OK to doubt my faith?” What do you when you call yourself a Christian… and you’re struggling with your faith in God? How can you stay spiritually connected with God when you doubt your faith and have big questions about God?   If you’re asking yourself, “What should I do if I […]


58: Best of: How to Know God’s Love + Experience it Everyday

So many Christian women have heard “God loves you” over and over. However, many of us have not allowed this truth to permeate into our hearts, and because of it we don’t feel connected to God, and loneliness, fear and anxiety are all too common.  Why do so many of us struggle with “feeling” loved by God? […]

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1: How to Live Like You’re Loved by God

Have you ever asked yourself, “Does God REALLY love me?” Maybe you’ve heard the truth that God loves you, but do you believe it (down to the depth of your bones)? Then this episode is for you… Today we’re going to talk about why so many of us struggle to live in the light of God’s […]