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Bible verses on managing emotions that every Christian needs to know. Study these verses for practical tips on managing our thoughts in a way that honors God. mindset, thought renewal, bible verses, managing emotions, bible verses on thoughts, renew your mind bible verse

138: 10 Bible Verses on Managing Emotions That Every Christian Needs to Know

What does the Bible say about managing emotions and how can these verses help us manage negative thoughts and even grow closer to God? We are sharing 10 Bible verses on managing emotions that every Christian needs to know.     I’ve arranged these mindset Bible verses in a specific pattern to help us understand […]

Do you want to help teens renew their thought life and grow closer to God? Here are some practical tips on Christian meditation for teens. thought life | Christian meditation | biblical meditation

136: How Christian Meditation Can Help a Teen Girl Renew Her Thought Life with Sarah Geringer

Christian meditation for teens is a wonderful way for teen girls and teen boys to learn how to renew their minds and grow closer to God. If you’ve ever wondered how to help your kids overcome negative thoughts, today’s conversation with Sarah Geringer offers great insight on how to help our kids manage toxic thoughts […]

Practicing gratitude is easy when life is good, but how can we practice gratitude when hard times hit? How can we be more grateful when we’re unhappy with life circumstances? How to find more gratitude when walking through trials, plus a free gratitude challenge.

135: How to Be More Grateful for the Good Even in Hard Times

As we get closer to Thanksgiving, many of us start thinking about how to be more grateful and what it means to be grateful. Gratitude is much easier when life is good, but how can we practice gratitude when hard times hit? How can we authentically practice gratitude when we are frustrated and unhappy with […]

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128: Mindset Coaching: “How can I overcome my fear of pursuing God’s calling?” with Stacey

Do you have a fear of pursuing God’s calling for your life? It can be overwhelming to think about the big plans God is preparing us for! If you want to pursue your calling (but aren’t sure how to renew your mind to push past the fear) you’ll love this coaching conversation with Stacey from […]

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111: What Is Christian Meditation? with Sarah Geringer

What is Christian meditation? How is Christian meditation different from eastern forms of meditation? And how can Christian meditation help us grow closer to God?   Today author Sarah Geringer and I discuss the power of Christian meditation, including practical, everyday examples of how to use Christian meditation to work through negative thoughts and renew our minds […]