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101: Transformation Stories: Finding Spiritual Growth, Self Confidence + Healing with Kelly, Lakeisha, Sam and Tirza

Want to grow in your self confidence as a Christian? Or maybe you need spiritual healing with God? I’m thrilled to share stories from four Christian women today who have found transformation, confidence and peace recently as they’ve grown closer to God. Listen to these transformation stories on today’s podcast episode and be inspired to […]

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97: 3 Categories of Spiritual Growth Obstacles: Pt 2: Life Rhythm Issues

Ever wondered “Why can’t I grow closer to God?” Want to know how to grow spiritually and find more peace and joy? We’ve categorized common spiritual growth challenges into three areas, and today on the podcast we’re talking about the second area: life rhythm issues.    If you’re saying “I want to spend time with God, […]


94: Reignite Your Faith with the Reconnect Spiritual Growth Challenge

Ready to reignite your faith and grow closer to God? In today’s podcast episode we’re talking about an awesome 5-day spiritual growth challenge that will help you identify spiritual growth obstacles and teach you a simple way to connect with God each day for ongoing spiritual growth.      Whether due to COVID challenges, being […]