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37: Finding Endurance for Those New + Scary Places

Are you stepping into something new and scary right now and you need endurance and hope to persevere through the hard times? Is life difficult because you’re being pushed and grown in a new way (and the growth is painful)? Or maybe you’re walking through a difficult life circumstance and you don’t have any idea […]

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27: Life Balance: Your Spiritual Self: Learning to Settle Your Soul with Ruth Schwenk

  How can you settle your soul when life is stressful? Finding everyday moments of rest and peace can be extremely difficult. Practically speaking, how can we discover God’s promise of rest everyday in order to maintain life balance and calm?   Today on the podcast Christian author Ruth Schwenk and I talk about what […]

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12: Renewing Your Thoughts Daily through Scripture Memorization with Carlie Kercheval

How can scripture memorization change our lives, bring us spiritual growth and help us find everyday peace and joy? Plus, what are some practical ways that we can make memorizing Bible verses a simple daily rhythm in our busy, hectic schedules? If your spiritual life needs a boost or you’re looking for powerful ways to […]

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