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Struggling with emotional overwhelm? Discover how Christian meditation can bring peace and stress relief in those overwhelming moments and can help you with managing emotions in your life.

222: How to Manage Emotional Overwhelm with Christian Meditation

Is managing emotions hard for you too? Today let’s talk about a very practical emotional management tool–Christian meditation. Even when emotions feel out of control and chaotic, Christian meditation can help with emotional overwhelm to bring peace and stress relief. Let’s discover how the body responds to different emotions and how Christian meditation helps us […]

Curious about Christian meditation? Listen in to learn the differences between Eastern and Christian meditation and how to cultivate peace in your life with a guided Christian meditation resource.

219: Is Christian Meditation Biblical? How Is Christian Meditation Different from Eastern Meditation?

Ready to learn more about Christian meditation after last week’s episode? Today let’s discover how to use guided Christian meditation to help us find calm in our everyday lives. Listen in as I share six different scriptures on meditation that can help realign our thoughts and emotions with God’s truth, how Christian meditation emphasizes God […]