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49: Discovering True Connection with God (Not More Rules or Religion)

When it comes to spirituality, you want a real connection with God—that deep peace of knowing God and being known by Him everyday. That is what spiritual growth and daily connection with Christ (including prayer, Bible study and gratitude) was designed to be like.    And yet, if we’re not careful, spiritual growth can easily […]

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45: How to Manage Holiday Triggers

What are your holiday triggers–those stressful holiday situations or challenging people that can cause drama in your Christmas plans?  Listen, we don’t always have a choice about our “must do” holiday activities (or people we may encounter that can trigger us emotionally), but we do always have a choice in how we perceive and respond […]

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44: When You’re Feeling Unprepared for Christmas

Panicked because you’re feeling unprepared for Christmas? Christmas is right around the corner but it’s not too late to make a holiday plan for a peaceful, less stressful Christmas.  Overwhelmed by the fact that Christmas is only a few weeks away?  Take a deep breath… and let’s spend the next 15-ish minutes together in this […]

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