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Let's just say that if you've homeschooled longer than two minutes you recognize the, um, potential for stress in homeschooling. You recognize that even the happiest homeschoolers deal with ongoing stress. So let's get real about that. What are some practical ways to cope? Here are 26 helpful mindsets, habitual practices and in-the-moment strategies to combat the very-real stress inherent in homeschooling. You'll also find 25 other stress-combating resources sprinkled throughout these tips (and at various lists at the end). For a total of (that's right) 50 ways to manage homeschool stress!

50 Ways to Manage Stress and Encourage Peace

Ah, blissful, ignorant me. When I first started this homeschool journey, I thought that homeschool stress was something that only other moms would experience. But me? Nah. I was going to happily explore bugs and meadows and other natural wonders with my kids. They’d eagerly ask me questions; and I’d joyfully respond. What in the world could go wrong? I […]

Ever felt as if you know that certain inner issues need to be addressed… and yet you simply plug your ears and keep going on—in the name of being the glue for the family and the one who has to keep everything running for everyone else?

Mama, Is It Time to Stop and Listen?

Have you ever known that you needed to take care of something… but you just kept putting it off? That was me last month with our beloved eight-year-old van. I knew the brakes were really bad. And that it was waaaaaaaay overdue for an oil change. And yet, I kept putting it off. Taking the van […]


Mommy Guilt: Conviction or Condemnation? 6 Steps to Freedom

Mommy guilt: Here’s how to tell the difference between a healthy conviction that we need to re-focus our efforts on our kids; and a negative, destructive thought pattern that seeks to destroy and undermine our self-confidence.   As my morning begins, my four kids surround me with their requests. “Mom! Look at my cartwheel! Watch me! Watch me!” […]