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WELCOME! I'm so glad we'll be working together!

Hello, friend, and welcome to Vibrant Christian Coaching. Be proud of the investment you just made in yourself, your family and in your best life.

Together we'll help you create a custom plan to take your next steps toward a happier, calmer you. I can't wait to see the amazing victories that are ahead!

next steps:

1) PLEASE SIGN THE COACHING CONTRACT: You should have received an email from me with a coaching contract (if not, it will be on its way very soon). Please review this information and sign the contract electronically. This documentation MUST be signed before we begin our first session together. 

2) PLEASE READ THE WELCOME TO COACHING PDF:  I sent you a welcome email which included a link to a "Welcome to Coaching" PDF (you can also read it here). Please read this document thoroughly so you understand some basics about how our time will be structured and our coaching relationship. 

3) BOOK YOUR FIRST SESSIONSOnce you have signed the coaching contract and read the introduction sheet, you may book your first coaching sessions. Ideally, please book all of your first month's sessions at this one time so that you can get a good start on your coaching and have these times blocked off in your calendar. 

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me at alicia@vibrantchristianliving.com.

I'm thrilled for all that God has in store for us together!

P.S. Got coaching questions? I've included a list of some of the biggest questions about coaching below. 

faqs about coaching

What is it like to be "coached" in a session?

What is a Christian life coach? Isn’t it just mentoring?

How is Christian life coaching different from counseling?

What makes Christian life coaching different from other forms of coaching?