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Get simple Bible study worksheets, powerful online accountability + optional group coaching when you join our community of Christian women committed to daily transformation in Christ.

"It's a great jumpstart to spending consistent time with God. The daily Spiritual Growth Rhythm™ worksheets provided a simple process to follow + took the guesswork out of Bible study!" —SHANELLE A.

God Made You to Connect Deeply with Him

We get it. You want to spend time with God, but...

  • You're distracted by your never-ending to do list, 
  • You can’t seem to stay motivated... and
  • Studying the Bible feels overwhelming.

You feel so guilty about this, and aren't sure what to do.

Worst of all? You feel totally alone in your struggle.
You’ve started wondering, "Does God really love me?” and    "Is God even still there?". 
Discover a Simple, Proven Way to Connect with God

I want to teach you an easy way to connect with God that uses a simple framework for daily Bible study, gratitude and prayer called the Spiritual Growth Rhythm™. 

Starting Feb 10, join hundreds of women from all over the world in the Reconnect Challenge as we commit to connecting with God for 5 days using this proven spiritual growth method.

As you connect with God through the daily worksheets, encouragement + accountability, you’ll re-discover lasting peace, real joy and a fresh take on your life.

Join us for the Reconnect challenge, and experience the life-changing power of connecting with God, connecting with yourself and connecting with others—for free!

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"I did the first worksheet, and it really opened my eyes. When I read the Bible in the past, I would just read it as is and I wouldn’t break it down as applying to my life. Once I intentionally applied the Bible verse using the Spiritual Growth Rhythm,™ my eyes opened as to how the verse applied to my life." —NADINE W.

"Being a mom of four life gets busy and I appreciate that this Bible study allows you to spend time with God even on your super busy days. Focusing on one verse instead of a whole chapter was really nice. I especially love the weekly check-in, and the 'Recognize'' section changed my prayer life!"—STEPHANIE C.

It’s Time for Authentic Connection with God That Transforms Your Life.  

You're not alone in your struggle to make Bible time a priority (and to feel guilty and to even doubt your faith). We've been there and we're here to help.

As a member of the Connected Bible Community (what we call a "Connector"), we'll give you everything you need to make daily Bible time simple-yet-powerful. We'll help you stay motivated and overcome those obstacles that have kept you from spending time with God.

We believe that women who are empowered to connect honestly with God, themselves and others create joyful lives for Christ that transform the world. 

Join our community + we'll give you the tools + support to make it happen for you! 

"I did the first SGR worksheet, + it really opened my eyes. When I read the Bible in the past, I would just read it as is and I wouldn’t break it down as applying to my life. Once I intentionally applied the Bible verse using the Spiritual Growth Rhythm,™ my eyes opened as to how the verse applied to my life."—NADINE W.

"Being a mom of four life gets busy and I appreciate that this Bible study allows you to spend time with God even on your super busy days. Focusing on one verse instead of a chapter was really nice. I especially love the weekly check-in, and the 'Recognize'' section changed my prayer life!"—STEPHANIE C.

Become a Connector + Get Everything You Need to Cultivate a Life-Changing Connection with Christ 

Daily Bible study worksheets with our simple Spiritual Growth Rhythm™ framework to connect with God in 10 -15 min a day

Live teaching + optional coaching to dig deeper into what’s holding you back from deeper connection with God

Accountability, live prayer, weekly check-ins with other Christian women from around the world committed to transformation in Christ

I've Helped Thousands of Others Grow Spiritually. 
Now, Let Me Help You!
Meet Our Chief Connector Alicia Michelle

Hey there! I’m Alicia, and I have the privilege to lead this amazing group of women passionate about connecting with God, connecting with themselves and connecting with others.

As a Bible study author, Bible teacher + certified Christian life coach, I love guiding my fellow “connectors” on an amazing journey of spiritual and emotional transformation using my Spiritual Growth Rhythm™:

  • RECEIVE and apply God’s wisdom through Bible study;
  • RECOGNIZE and notice God at work in everyday life; and
  • RELEASE and surrender our worries and fears to God.

I’ve helped thousands of women find new joy + freedom in their relationship with God, + now I want you to experience them for yourself as a Connected Bible Community member!

P.S. Want a free Masterclass from me on how to stay motivated for spiritual growth in the long haul? Go here.

P.P.S. Here's my heart (and the God story!) behind this community. 🙂

"'Recognize' (gratitude) was my favorite part. I know that God is always doing good things in my life but to actually write then down each day is such a good way (especially on a hard day) to realize that no matter how trying things are, there are always things to thank God for." —DEBBIE R.

"Just taking the time to devote to God has been a change for me. I have not regularly read the Bible in years and while I pray often I have been “craving” more understanding in the word. I really didn't know where to start and this was so helpful."  —TAMMY C

"I love the Spiritual Growth Rhythm™! I love how it makes me dig deeper + then apply the verse to my life."—TRISTA G.

"The Spiritual Growth Rhythm™ is simple + yet a very personal + deeply effective way to connect with God. I love it! Very well done!" —ROSIE G.

"I tried the Spiritual Growth Rhythm™ for the first time last night + it truly helped me! God spoke straight to my heart in the 'Release' section!" —KALA V.

How the Connected Bible Community Works

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Join us for live teaching sessions, weekly accountability, prayer (plus optional group coaching for VIP Gold Connectors)


Enjoy a life-changing relationship with God that helps you release worry + have confident hope in all circumstances

"I really like the simplicity of the program. It's not time consuming but does allow for a full study time as well." —ALYSSA S.

"The Spiritual Growth Rhythm™ bible study brought me closer to the Lord and is a great way to grow in Christ." —TAMMY C.

Join our community of Connectors 
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Everything in the Silver Levels plus group coaching 2x a month

"I am able to connect with God easier and I find myself meditating more on a verse. I love how I'm beginning to feel God's presence during these times." —CAROL B.

"The worksheets gave me a voice + allowed me to discuss concerns or fears I was experiencing. It all pointed me to God + kept me focused on walking closer with Him!" —DAWN L.


We want you to be happy! If for any reason you decide that the Connected Bible Community is not for you, we'll give you a refund as long as it is within the first 14 days of sign up (for Silver Monthly level) or the first 30 days of sign up (for annual levels). You truly have nothing to lose and only blessings to gain. Join us now!

FAQ About the Connected Bible Community

Can I try it for one month? 

What if I try the Connected Bible Community and I don't like it?

What kind of topics do you study in the Connected Bible Community? 

Where is the online community and live teaching? Is it on Facebook?

How will I receive the monthly Connected Bible Magazine? Is it a digital magazine or a print magazine? Is this where the daily Bible study is found?

What is the Spiritual Growth Rhythm™ (SGR), and how will I know how to complete the daily Spiritual Growth Rhythm™ worksheets?

How do the Bible verses we study in the daily Spiritual Growth Rhythm™ Worksheets relate to the live teaching each month?

Tell me more about the group coaching option (the VIP Gold Membership).

What's the difference between the Silver level and the VIP Gold level membership?

Sign up now + connect with God for more peace + joy!

"My biggest takeaway: spending time with God doesn't have to be complicated. I also loved being more grateful during the day." —CINDY D.

"I'm a newer Christian + I've always struggled understanding different study methods + sticking with them. This is something I can do! "—CRYSTAL C.

"It was so easy to do and I felt like I had a takeaway everyday. I could think about what I learned the whole day!"—ANEL P.

"I really like that it's broken down into three steps + a simple one-page format. It helped me reflect deeply on God's Word." —HARRIET M.

"I’ve been a believer for a loooong time but I’ve always struggled with my quiet time. I loved how organized this was."    —JULI R.

"I appreciated the 'Recognize' section + being able to stop for a moment + see all the ways God is moving in my life that I take for granted." —SHIRLEY C.

Join Us Now for the Reconnect Spiritual Growth Challenge
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How great would it be to start each day super-charged with unshakeable joy and great peace because you know you are fully loved by God and are growing in your faith? 

Less worry, more clarity, and more happiness... this is the life you were meant to live as a daughter of God. And we want to help you cultivate this life centered on God’s promises.

Now it's your turn. Make the decision to invest in yourself by joining the Connected Bible Community now... and start living your vibrant, confident life in God!

"This was amazing!! I have been looking for something deeper to help me get to the next level. The Spiritual Growth Rhythm™ allowed me to understand the meaning of a Bible verse + to connect with God in a rich way. I can’t say enough good things about it! "  —EILEEN H.