Day 1 Video Teaching

Hello, friend! And welcome to Day 1 of the Free Bible Study on Managing Anxiety! I'm so glad that you're here, and praying that this study brings you fresh new perspectives on how to handle worry and fear.  

Each day of our study will have a key point and a “now what” action step to make our learning powerful and practical. Plus we’ll have links to additional resources (related podcast episodes and posts from the Vibrant Christian Living site) to help you dig deeper into the topic.

Since today is Day 1, I’m also including additional resources below on how to complete these worksheets (known as the Spiritual Growth Rhythm™ Worksheets) and how to do the 5Rs Bible Study™ Method, my simple-yet-powerful way for understanding and applying a Bible verse in only a few minutes a day. 

STEP 1: Complete Day 1 Spiritual Growth Rhythm™ worksheet.

If you’re familiar with the Spiritual Growth Rhythm™ and the 5Rs Bible Study™ Method, download the Day 1 worksheet and get started now. If not, be sure to watch the first part of today’s video so you can learn the steps.

STEP 2: Watch the Day 1 video teaching. 

Once you’ve complete today’s worksheet, watch the rest of the video above to learn more and gain additional insights into the verse.


Choose to not fear.


Notice today how fear and anxiety show up in your thoughts. What are the words or phrases that you hear the most? Begin to become aware of what those are and how certain situations might be triggering those thoughts. You can even begin to write them down in a journal if you'd like as a way to track them.

Then, when those thoughts come, choose to stop the thought. Choose instead to think about the reasons that God gives us not to fear (what we learned about in today's verse). Whenever possible, say those truths (or repeat Isaiah 41:10) aloud when you notice a negative thought. This is important as when we speak a truth aloud, the subconscious stream of thoughts (the negative thought pattern potentially causing the anxiety) is interrupted.