Hey, hey, friend!!

Welcome to DAY 1 of our Live Vibrant Challenge!

Who’s ready to get STARTED on this awesome journey toward more life balance and a better you?!

Alright, let's get going!

Here’s your plan for DAY 1:

1) If you haven’t already completed your Challenge Guide, join me TODAY at 9:00 a.m. PST in the Live Vibrant Facebook Group! I’ll be walking you through the Challenge Guide (so you can complete it right beside me)!

I want EVERYONE to start off Day 1 feeling prepped and ready to go! So even if you did the Guide but have questions, hop on the Live with me and we’ll get you sorted! #noexcuses



Yep, it’s that’s simple. Just start doing that ONE small thing you know you need to do to feel better, be happier and be your best self.

Don’t overthink it. Don’t overcomplicate it.

Don’t be paralyzed by fear. Take imperfect action.

Seriously, if everything we do is a learning experience (and it is), you can’t fail at this.

So, my friend, adopt the famous Nike slogan and JUST DO IT.

Take that pivotal first step toward the BEST version of you!

THEN… share in the Facebook group about your success in today’s “VICTORY THREAD”. 🙂

We want to cheer you on as you step even further into your rockstar self!

Ready, set…GO!








P.S. Still not sure what your ONE thing could be? You could always start with sleep. That’s where I started my life balance journey, and that’s where most women need help too.

What would more sleep look like (Going to bed 1/2 hour earlier? Taking a 20 min nap? Sleeping in 1/2 later?). YOU pick what that action step could be.

P.P.S. Is “getting more sleep” not getting you excited? No worries. If you want to flesh out your ONE thing a bit more, join me today for the FB Live and let’s see if we can figure it out for you!