Hey you! How did Day 1 of the Challenge go?

(Don’t worry… if you missed the Day 1 email or are just jumping in, go here to read Day 1).

Friend, yesterday you made the pivotal first step toward your better life.

Yes, it was a tiny step but yesterday’s biggest win was that you saw for yourself that this COULD happen. And that’s HUGE.


1) Ask yourself, “What worked yesterday? What didn’t?” What were some of the obstacles that you encountered? Do you need additional resources to be successful?

Take note of those things and make any necessary adjustments. (P.S. I will be LIVE in the Facebook group today again at 2:30 p.m. PST to help you strategize if you feel stuck and need help).



Once you’ve made any small adjustments, make that ONE thing you’ve committed to HAPPEN AGAIN.

Yes, you CAN!

Remember, whatever you believe about something will happen. So if you believe that this thing is too hard, too difficult, too much… etc, IT WILL BE.

What we believe in our thoughts will prove true in our lives. #quotable

So, even if it’s just for today… for this ONE moment…

Choose to believe that YES, YOU CAN.

Let’s make this happen!

P.S. Dealing with all kinds of negative and self-sabotaging thoughts? That’s totally normal. In fact we’ll address that more tomorrow. 😊

For today, start noticing what some of those thoughts might be. Write them down, and tomorrow we’ll start tackling them head-on.

P.P.S. If you need encouragement or strategies, join me at 9:00 a.m. PST for a FB Live in the Facebook group today. I’m here for you!