Wow, we’re at Day 5! Can you believe it?

Today we’re focusing on a critical aspect of transformation:  CELEBRATION.

Why is celebration important?

Because when we’re making changes, it’s easy to get distracted (and discouraged) by all the work that’s still to be done.

And even though we’re making forward movement, the little everyday victories go unnoticed… unless we stop to notice them.

Friend, you’ve heard me preach over and over again in this challenge that long-term change builds from small, tiny shifts.

It’s a snowball effect: As we make one small shift and get momentum, we realize that real change IS possible.

We gain confidence and think, “Hey… if I made this one thing happen, why can’t I begin to make some imperfect movement toward a better me in THIS other life area too?”

You’ve seen the power of that truth just even in the past 5 days!

But here’s the thing: In order to make these observations, we have to STOP and notice them… and then celebrate them.

So here’s your DAY 5 PLAN:

1) Take 5 minutes today to reflect on the wins you’ve had so far in this challenge. Big ones, small ones… write them down in a journal and recognize all of them. Consider this: What kind of a woman did you have to show up as in order to make these wins possible?

Meditate on these wins for a minute, thanking God for His help in making these happen.

then… (you know what’s coming)… 🙂


Let today’s celebration of your wins fuel your momentum to just keep going in your commitment to this ONE small shift.

Yes, you can keep making this happen, one day at time.

I believe in you, and in the brighter future you’re creating everyday by making this choice to invest in your self care.

Celebrate and focus on all the good!

P.S. Today I’ll be LIVE in the Facebook group again at 2:30 p.m. PST (5:30 p.m. EST) to help us celebrate all the good that is happening in our group!

Join me so that you can share the great changes you’re seeing so far. You never know how your win could encourage someone else!

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