15: Coaching Pt 3: What Happens in a Life Coaching Session?

As a Christian life coach I’m often asked, “What is it like to work with a coach? What happens in a typical life coaching session?”

If you have specific coaching questions like, “What should I expect when working with a coach?,” “What is the coaching journey like?” “How long is a coaching session?” or “How long do I work with a coach?” then today’s episode will give you the answers you need about life coaching.

Of course every coaching journey is different because every coach and every person are different.

However, there’s a rough 4-part formula (consisting of 4 questions) that I use when working with clients as a general coaching guideline:

  1. Where Are You Now? (Taking Inventory); 
  2. Where Do You Want to Go? (Casting Your Vision); 
  3. How Will You Get There? (Goal Setting and Planning); 
  4. What Gets in the Way? (Overcoming Obstacles)

This episode explains how these questions are an excellent roadmap for helping you accomplish your goals, find freedom from your frustrations and create a happier, more vibrant life. 

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We’ll also talk about the practical questions you may have about coaching, such as:

  • How we include God in every part of the Christian coaching journey
  • The 4 essential questions that guide the coaching process
  • The nitty-gritty details about what happens in every coaching session
  • The approximate length of a typical coaching session
  • How often most people meet with a life coach
  • How long people work with a coach

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