151: 3 Year Podcast Anniversary! 5 Popular Episodes + a Big Announcement

Let’s celebrate! It’s our three year anniversary of The Vibrant Christian Living Podcast.  Three years ago I started this podcast for Christian women to share about what it means to renew your mind in a very practical sense in this modern world, including equipping women to know how to grow closer to God and understand how our minds work by connecting brain science with biblical truth. 

 It’s our 3 year podcast anniversary! I’m sharing 5 popular episodes, some behind the scenes facts about the show, and an exciting announcement about the future of the podcast.

I’m so excited to share some fun behind the scenes facts about the show, snippets from five top podcast episodes, and I have a huge, exciting announcement at the end of the episode, so be sure to listen to the very end!


  • [1:52] Vibrant Christian Living by the numbers
  • [5:40] Most Info Packed into an Episode: 10 Bible Verses on Managing Emotions that Every Christian Needs to Know (Episode 138)
  • [7:25] Hidden Jewel Episode: How to Believe in Your True Worth + Identity in Christ (Episode 38)
  • [9:15] Most Vulnerable Episode: My Spiritual Breakthrough: In Repentance + Rest is Your Strength (Episode 89a)
  • [11:31] Most Popular Episode – Interview: The Truth About Finding Contentment in God During Trials with Nicole Jacobsmeyer (Episode 120)
  • [15:02] Honorable mentions for most popular interview episode
  • [16:34] Most Popular Episode – Solo: Mindset Matters: How to Renew Your Mind + Overcome Negative Thought Patterns (Episode 72)
  • [20:43] Honorable mention for most popular solo episode
  • [22:00] Big News: New Podcast Name starting February 28

 [1:52] Vibrant Christian Living by the Numbers

I don’t think numbers and metrics can always give the full picture as to if something is successful or not. However, on an anniversary episode like this, it’s fun to look at the download numbers and how they relate to podcast growth over the past three years. Since we’re celebrating together, I wanted to share them!

I have been publishing episodes since January 28, 2019. As of two weeks ago, we officially hit the 100,000 download mark. The podcast is heard in over 180 countries, and that just blows my mind. There are only 195 countries in the whole world! I’m just humbled by the power of podcasting. I can sit here in my little office in the middle of southern California and reach people all over the world. God is good.

Regarding our listeners, 73% of you are in the United States. Five percent of you are in Australia, 5% are in the United Kingdom, 4% are in Canada, and 1% are in South Africa. The other 12% are from the other 175 countries that the podcast has reached.  

I also receive weekly information about how our podcast ranks compared to other podcasts in the niche. The Vibrant Christian Living podcast is within the top 100 podcasts in the Christian niche in places like Nigeria and Switzerland, and other places that I often wonder how in the world my message is getting there. Praise God every single one of you listening, and praise God for every single country represented here.  

My heart is always to serve Jesus and to get His good message out. That is part of our commission as believers, so it thrills my heart to see that the good news I aim to share every week through the gospel is being heard all over the world.

[5:40] Most Info Packed into an Episode: 10 Bible Verses on Managing Emotions that Every Christian Needs to Know (Episode 138)

Episode 138 includes 10 bible verses on managing emotions that every Christian needs to know. I felt like I had to race through all of these, but I wanted to make sure you got these 10 verses. We talk about them in the Christian Mindset Makeover, and I wanted you to be able to understand how you can manage your emotions based on what the Bible says in these different areas.

Check out Episode 138 here.

 [7:25] Hidden Jewel Episode: How to Believe in Your True Worth + Identity in Christ (Episode 38)

Episode 38 focuses on identity. Identity is the core of what we teach in both the Christian Mindset Makeover, the Connected Bible Community, and in any other Bible studies that I teach. I firmly believe that when women understand from the core of their beings who they are in Christ, and they are able to remove anything that gets in the way of that, their lives will be transformed. They can be these radical lights that send hope, joy, peace, and all the fruits of the spirit into the world.

This is a really important episode from the first year of the podcast. It’s one that I’m not sure quite got the amount of listens or downloads it should have compared to some of the more recent episodes. We have grown our listener base over the years, and so I encourage you to go back and check out the earlier episodes, including Episode 38.

Check out Episode 38 here.

 [9:15] Most Vulnerable Episode: My Spiritual Breakthrough: In Repentance + Rest is Your Strength (Episode 89a)

Episode 89a is an episode I recorded literally right after I had a long prayer time and crying session with God, really just stripping it all bare. I came back into my podcast studio, and I just turned on the microphone and started talking. You hear the rawness, and you hear the realness of what God said to me and how He had to really break me to share some next steps for me in that season.

Check out Episode 89a here.

[11:31] Most Popular Episode – Interview: The Truth About Finding Contentment in God During Trials with Nicole Jacobsmeyer (Episode 120)

Episode 120 features my friend, Nicole Jacobsmeyer. I actually met Nicole on Instagram, and we struck up a conversation in our direct messages. I was instantly taken aback at how honest Nicole was, and I just knew she was someone who gets it. She gets me, and she gets the message I’m trying to share on the podcast. She has gone through some struggles and trials, and she has a new book coming out in 2022 or 2023.  

This was a very raw, honest conversation about the reality that life is not always easy. Life is often full of disappointing things. We discussed how to still find contentment in God during those difficult times.

Check out Episode 120 here.

[15:02] Honorable mentions for most popular interview episode

Before we move on to our most popular solo episode, I wanted to share a couple of honorable mentions for the most popular interview episode. We had several interviews that were super close in download numbers, and I wanted to mention them because they were also really powerful episodes.

Episode 137: How to Find Life Balance and Create Mental Space to Grow Closer to God with Christy Wright

Christy Wright is an amazing woman of God who is very fiery and inspirational. Christy is a mentor of mine that I have looked up to for a long time, and it was such an honor to have her on the podcast. Her episode did not disappoint, so I encourage you to check out Episode 137 here.

Episode 111: What is Christian Meditation? with Sarah Geringer

Sarah Geringer is a close personal friend, and I love having her on the podcast. She is a popular Christian author around the topic of Christian meditation and renewing your thought life. It was an honor to have her share her expertise in this episode, so I encourage you to check out Episode 111 here.

Episode 59: Living in God’s Love When You’ve Been Hurt with Sarah Mae

This is another very vulnerable, powerful interview where Sarah strips away the pretense that we think we have to have in order to say that God loves us and life is perfect. She reveals some very vulnerable things and shares how the kindness and the love of God still showed up in those situations, so I encourage you to check out Episode 59 here.

[16:34] Most Popular Episode – Solo: Mindset Matters: How to Renew Your Mind + Overcome Negative Thought Patterns (Episode 72)

When people are starting to learn from me through some of our free resources or through the Christian Mindset Makeover, I will often refer them to Episode 72. I’m not surprised it is one of the most popular downloads, because it talks about a very central topic to not only this podcast, but to my ministry overall: mindset renewal. This episode contains the basics behind the heart and soul of what we talk about on the Vibrant Christian Living podcast.

Check out Episode 72 here.

 [20:43] Honorable mention for most popular solo episode

I wanted to share one other episode as an honorable mention for the most popular solo episode.

Episode 1: How to Live Like You’re Loved

I highlighted Episode 1 around the one year anniversary of the podcast, since it just far and away had so many downloads. This is obviously a popular topic among a lot of people. I think understanding God’s love and knowing that you’re loved by God really does transform everything. It can change your perspective on hard times, and your perspective on everything in life. I definitely wanted to mention this episode because it was the very first one we released and it still continues to get ongoing downloads, so I encourage you to check out Episode 1 here.

 [22:00] Big News: New Podcast Name starting February 28

It’s time for some big news!  Huge stuff has been in the works for several months behind the scenes, and I’ve been so excited to share with you but I haven’t been able to until today.  Even today, I’m only able to give you a tiny bit.  We will be revealing a little bit more each week until February 28, when this whole big thing happens.  So what am I talking about?

Well, we are going to be renaming the podcast!

The Vibrant Christian Living Podcast with Alicia Michelle is going to be transitioning to The Christian Mindset Coach with Alicia Michelle.

Now, I know that’s not a surprise because even in my weekly introduction I call myself the Christian Mindset Coach.  That is my title, and it’s what I am trained in as a NeuroCoach and a life coach.  I want to make sure that it is crystal clear in our content and in everything that we do in the search engine on podcast players and Google itself that this is the topic we are talking about.  We have narrowed it down from day one, three years ago, and now we are answering this specific calling.  We are talking about how to grow closer to God using our mind, and what that looks like to renew our mind in a practical sense.

On the February 8, 2022, episode, I will be sharing more about the backstory behind this change, what our goal is, and what our focus is. The content won’t change that much, to be honest with you. The focus is still going to be on renewing our mind, growing closer to God, and learning what that looks like in a practical and honest sense in this world.

I’m looking forward to sharing a new podcast cover, some new art on Instagram, and the whole new look for the next chapter of this podcasting journey. It all comes out on February 28 as the Christian Mindset Coach with Alicia Michelle!

Please provide your feedback about the podcast in the form below, and share this podcast with other women. There is so much more to come, and I cannot wait to share with you in this next season.


I want this podcast to cover the specific topics that interest you the most on how to have a healthy mindset as a Christian woman.

What are some topics that you want to hear more about? What are some things you’re struggling with that we haven’t talked about yet? What have we talked about that you want to learn more about?  

I am here to serve and encourage you, so please GO HERE and share your feedback. It only takes a second, and it would mean the world to me to hear your thoughts!

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