155: New Podcast Name! The Christian Mindset Coach with Alicia Michelle

Welcome to the new podcast name: The Christian Mindset Coach with Alicia Michelle!

I’m so excited to share today more about the new podcast name and how we’ll be focusing exclusively on how to use brain science and biblical truth to renew our minds in order to grow closer to God. 

Welcome to The Christian Mindset Coach podcast! New name, new content, and a new contest. This is where brain science meets Biblical truth.
So many of you have resonated with these topics and I’m excited to be able to focus this show on helping you discover how to create a mindset that honors Christ and results in freedom, peace and godly confidence!


    • 2:09] What is a Christian mindset coach?
    • [4:55] Fun things to expect from The Christian Mindset Coach podcast in the future
    • [9:06] Where to find the podcast show notes
    • [9:55] How to help spread the word about the podcast
    • [12:48] What is coming up next week on The Christian Mindset Coach podcast

[2:09] What is a Christian mindset coach?

A Christian mindset coach is a life coach that helps others to renew their minds to be in line with Christ. As a certified neurocoach and someone who has been trained through the Professional Christian Coaching Institute to know how to do life coaching in general, I use those skills to be able to help women learn how to create those renewed minds that God has in store for us. I incorporate the brain science that I have learned in that training with Biblical truth, and I’ve been working online with women since 2012.

I have been working as a coach for about four years now, and I have been able to work with hundreds of women in either one-on-one or group coaching. My signature program is the Christian Mindset Makeover, which we will be hearing a lot about in our time together on the podcast. It’s an awesome resource for anyone who wants to dig deeper and to make radical changes in how they are able to renew their minds.

My heart is to help women find practical solutions and to know what it means to renew our mind. Sometimes, renewing our mind is talked about in this very general sense. We know what we’re supposed to do and we may have tried things like affirmations or reading more Biblical verses. Yet, there is this plethora of voices in our heads and chatter that is continually going on. Those are the things that get in the way of allowing God’s truth to really sink in and change us.

At times, we might find ourselves stuck in these patterns of perfectionism, achievement, anxiety, fear, or comparison. We don’t always understand why we can’t stop ourselves from getting into these patterns, or into physical habits such as binge eating. We know, logically, that these things aren’t healthy but we don’t understand why we keep getting stuck on these patterns. I am here to help women figure out that link between their thoughts and their actions. I give them ways to understand why that thought is there, what might be the trigger for it, and what might be causing the trigger. We find solutions so they can discover that peace and confidence that God gives us. 

I love being able to do this with the podcast and with the resources that I offer. Changing the podcast title to The Christian Mindset Coach makes it easier for people to know exactly what we talk about here. It’s more searchable, and it helps people to find exactly what they are looking for.

[4:55] Fun things to expect from The Christian Mindset Coach podcast in the future

Moving forward, we are still going to be grounded in the Bible. It is incredibly important to me that everything we talk about is grounded in God’s word first. God’s word is the authority. It is the thing that we filter everything through. We will not be losing that consistency and that emphasis in everything that we talk about.

We are also going to continue to talk about brain science, and how brain science and the Bible can work together. In fact, the more we learn about brain science, the more we understand how in harmony the Bible is with scientific research. We will be using the latest neuroscience I have been trained in – the stuff I am learning about continually – because we are always learning more about our amazing brain. I’ll be sharing how that research and knowledge intersects with the reality of real-world coaching and real-world people.  I am actively working with women on these subjects, so I’m always learning from them as well.

Overall, we’re going to talk about those mindsets and thought patterns that keep us from growing closer to God and shining His light. We need to consider the obstacles getting in our way, and what we can do to use these techniques and brain science to get us to that closer walk with Christ so that we can be a brighter light for Him. That is my focus.

It was very enlightening for us to hear back from you all recently on the listener survey, and thank you to those of you who shared your thoughts. It gave us so many great episode ideas and helped us to target the information that we put together every week. There were several different topics presented because everyone is coming from a different situation, but at the same time there was a lot of overlap. Several things were brought up multiple times, and I want to be able to share those in both Biblical and brain science contexts. I also want to share the voices of other professionals who work in neuroscience, or other Bible teachers who are working through these kinds of issues themselves.

There is going to be a little bit of a change in how we present the material in that we are going to have more themed topics. We might talk about a certain topic for four or five episodes versus having a plethora of different topics. We will have a specific topic gathered together in, say, a series of three or four episodes (or even more, depending on the topic). Sometimes we may step outside of that, but that is the goal. I think it will help the conversation to flow a bit easier between the topics. 

[9:06] Where to find the podcast show notes

There will still be a mix of guest interviews and solo episodes, and show notes will still be available on the website. You can find them at vibrantchristianliving.com as always, but we also have the link christianmindsetcoachpodcast.com. If you go to that one and click on Podcast in the menu, it will bring up a list of every single episode that we have – both the older Vibrant Christian Living episodes and the new ones that will be created under The Christian Mindset Coach – and you can search them that way. If you have a specific episode you’re looking for, you can always go to christianmindsetcoachpodcast.com, forward slash, episode dash number. 

[9:55] Contest Feb 28-Mar 9, 2002: Submit a rating/review + be entered to win a gift card!

I would love your help with spreading the word about the podcast so that we can help more women, and the best way to do that is to leave a review and give the podcast a rating. This tells all of the algorithms out there in all the different podcast players that people are listening and responding positively to this show. 

In our listener survey, we found that something like 10-12% of you found the podcast just from searching in a podcast player. The more people who can submit a review and a rating, the more often it will be shown to other women looking for help on renewing their mind and growing in God!

CONTEST: We’re giving away the chance to win one of two $25 Amazon gift cards to anyone who shares a 5-star rating and review in your podcast player between February 28-March 9, 2022!


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