18: Stop the Chaos! It’s Time for Life Change

Are you tired of living a crazy life and feeling like you're always running, running, running?
Do you feel like you have a thousand plates spinning in the air and that you’re about to drop one of them? 

If so, oooh, girl, it's time to stop the chaos and find life balance.

If you feel like you’ve become a slave to your own crazy life,  today’s podcast episode—Episode 18—is a must-listen. 

Ready for MORE out of life (than the treadmill you're on)?
Today's episode will give you the freedom to STOP and to MAKE SOME CHANGES. 

We'll talk about:

  • Why life balance is a critical part of understanding purpose
  • Why peace and calm can be so difficult to find (despite our best intentions)
  • How you may be sabotaging your own attempts at life balance 
  • How you can make choices that welcome calm instead of overwhelm
Let's get you unhooked from the crazy lifestyle you're trapped in.
Let's get you more space, freedom and hope so you can discover God's BETTER purpose for you (Hint: It's more than just running on a hamster wheel)

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Learn More About Coaching

After hearing this you’re like, “Alicia, I really need change in my life and I need you to help me get there.” 
If that's you, go to vibrantchristianliving.com/coaching to learn more about life coaching. Just fill out the application there to get started.

A life coach can help you:

  • Ditch the overwhelm and find a freer, happier life 
  • Discover the root cause of why you feel stuck
  • Understand yourself better and what you really want your life to look like
  • Sort through your choices and move forward
Go to vibrantchristianliving.com/coaching right now, click on “APPLY FOR COACHING” and fill out a brief application form so I can get to know you better and help you determine if coaching is the next best step for you. 
Again, go to vibrantchristianliving.com/coaching to get started.
I look forward to hearing from you!