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Ep 20: How to Make Better Decisions (Free Worksheet)

Are you facing a decision and need direction (and have no idea what to do next)?

Today’s episode will give you great clarity on making better decisions so you can find purpose and direction during life transitions.

If you’re wondering, “What decision should I make?” “What does God want me to do?” you can also download the free worksheet mentioned in the episode that has a step-by-step decision making process you can use the next time you’re stuck and need direction.

Download the free worksheets on how to make better decisions


We all face life transitions—points in our life where we feel God calling us to something new, but we’re not sure which road to take.

We want to make the right choice— one that honors God, avoids failure and leaves us happier than we are now.

But how?!

That’s exactly the dilemma we discuss in today’s episode, including:

  • Why good decision making starts with life balance
  • How to include godly truth in your decision making
  • How the right mindset can keep your decision making process moving forward

Get powerful insights and the tools you need to make better decisions–including a FREE Worksheet on Decision Making!

Download the free worksheets on how to make better decisions

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Download the Free 6 Steps to Better Decision Making Worksheets

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