21: How to Find Hope During Hard Times

What is the definition of hope, and how can we have hope during trials?
What does it mean to find hope during hard times? Is hope just wishful thinking, or can we find hope in God in all circumstances like the Bible says? 
Today's podcast episode tackles these (and many other) big questions about how to find hope when life hurts. Plus you'll hear more than a dozen hope Bible verses that will encourage your soul during hard times!

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Is it just giving ourselves affirmations of what how we want things to be? How can we honestly have hope when our emotional selves are suffering and we have real needs that aren’t being met? How do we handle that tension? 
In today's episode you'll learn:
  • A powerful definition of hope you can memorize that will bring encouragement
  • Why hope starts with confident surrendered trust in God
  • Why faith is a critical piece of godly hope in trials
  • What the Bible says about hope in hard times

Definition of Hope During Hard Times 

Hope is a confident, surrendered trust in God with the expectation of fulfillment.

12 Bible Verses About Hope During Hard Times

We mention several bible verses about hope in this episode. Each of these hope Bible verses support the definition of hope shared in the episode:

Here's a list of powerful Bible verses about hope during hard times that you can study on your own:

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Free Bible Study to Help You Manage Anxiety + Fear in Hard Times

As we share about in today's episode, hard times can be an excellent opportunity for us to grow closer to God and lean into His strength and power. I also understand the worry and fear that comes on us when we're going through difficult circumstances. 
This powerful free Bible study also will teach you the Spiritual Growth Rhythm–a simple way to receive God's wisdom through Bible study, recognize God at work and release worry and fear to Him. 
And of course, don't forget to download the free 3-Bible study on Managing Fear + Anxiety. It's my gift to you, friend, as you look for hope through this hard time!