24: A Simple Plan for Life Balance, Purpose & A Better Life

Looking for a simple plan for life balance? Want to discover your purpose? Ready to accomplish goals and life the best life God has planned for you? In John 10:10, Jesus calls us to vibrant living—living life to the fullest. But what does it mean, in practical terms, to have life balance, purpose and a life lived for God, especially when there seems to be so many obstacles in the way?
Today I'm introducing you to a simple framework and a step by step plan for creating that vibrant Christian life. I'm so excited because THIS is the center component to everything we talk about in the Vibrant Christian Living community, and it's the master plan behind how I coach women to become their best selves.
If you're ready to lead a happy, peaceful, content life that's based on your individual purpose and calling, you'll love the practical framework introduced in today's episode!


  • Why cultivating life balance is the foundation for vibrant living
  • The importance of aligning our thoughts and our actions with God's 
  • Why surrender and gratitude are essential supports to your life purpose and the secret behind goal setting
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Free Life Balance Assessment

Also, if your life feels out of balance, I encourage you to take this free Life Balance Assessment.

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Learn More About Coaching

Wouldn't you love to be free from all those things that frustrate you and hold you back?

Aren't you ready to move past those limiting beliefs and bad habits that keep you from God's best life for you?

If you'd like to create a plan for a healthier life and happier you, let's chat!

As a life coach, I love to help women:

  • Ditch the overwhelm and find a freer, happier life 
  • Create a plan for life balance and calm
  • Clarify your purpose and create the life of your dreams

Using the Vibrant Christian Living Framework, we can work together to create your custom plan for helping you overcome the obstacles in your life and becoming all that God wants you to be!

To get started, go to vibrantchristianliving.com/coaching and fill out an application.
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