26: Life Balance: Your Physical Self: Working with Your Body and Not Against It with Ellie Thomas

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Learning to listen to your body—your physical self–is a critical part of life balance.
In today's information-packed episode, Ellie Thomas, holistic nutritionist and host of the Well Woman Podcast, gives powerful insight on how we can learn to listen to and nourish our bodies so that we can have happy, balanced lives.

What is your physical self saying to you today? Is she rested or exhausted? Hungry or full? What is bothering her? What does she need? 

We talked about life balance and the four parts of self in Episode 4 and Episode 25, but this episode zeros in on how to best take care of our physical selves for optimum life balance, including hormone balance for women.

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Ellie gives us SO MANY valuable tips and very practical insights… it's jam-packed with TONS of aha moments and powerful truths that can transform your energy levels, revitalize your attitude and restore your life balance!

  • The 5 top health areas to pay attention to for optimal health
  • Practical tips on how to learn to listen to your body
  • The #1 place to start when trying to become more healthy
  • How to balance your hormones (1 simple step to take now)
Also, if your life feels out of balance, I encourage you to take this free Life Balance Quiz:
Whole self living | quiz balanced life | free quiz for women |

If you’re ready to better understand how to honor, nourish and treasure this body that God has given you (no more crash dieting or crazy hormones), you’re going to love today’s conversation.

Ellie is a Holistic Nutritionist and the host of the Well Women Radio Podcast. Through her programs, coaching, and on her podcast, she helps women balance their bodies & hormones naturally to live the lives they have always imagined. Learn more about Ellie here.

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Create Your Plan for Life Balance

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  • Ditch the overwhelm and find a freer, happier life 
  • Create a plan for life balance and calm
  • Clarify your purpose and create the life of your dreams

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