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Ep 32: Get Over the FEAR of Change (+ Choose What’s Best Over What’s Comfortable) (Bonus Episode)

Change is so hard. Ever wonder why so many of us say we want to make a change (such as having a balanced life), but change doesn’t happen? We may try to make changes or do things differently, but lasting change doesn’t take place. And we ask ourselves, “Why can’t I change?”
What are those hidden things inside of us that keep us from moving forward toward the life we want? 

In today’s bonus podcast episode we get real about the biological and emotional aspects of ourselves that make change more difficult (many of them rooted in fear and survival).

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I also share my story of how our family was recently asked to step into the unknown, take a big risk and choose what’s best over what’s comfortable. 

Friend, I want to help you get over the fear of change so that you can choose what’s best over what’s comfortable too.

Want greater understanding as to WHY you may not be making the life change you want?

And more importantly, want REAL strategies on what to do to move past the fear?

Then don’t miss today’s episode!

Other Resources for Making Change and Facing Fear 

Ready to Get Over the Fear of Change and Choose What’s Best for Your Life? 

Imagine how much better life could be… if you were filled up emotionally, spiritually and physically.
Or how much freer you could feel… if you had the tools to manage your emotions (especially fear) in healthy ways.
What if you knew how to create a nourishing, sustainable rhythm that brought peace, joy and calm to your everyday life?
How much stronger and healthier would your relationships be if you were able to show up as a confident, rested, whole woman?
That, at its core, is the goal of the Reset Life Balance Group Coaching Lab
This 6-month program will immerse you in the foundational aspects of life balance, equipping you with the tools you need to make lasting change toward the life you love. 
You’ll work in small intimate group sessions with Alicia Michelle, a trained life balance coach, to apply each month’s learning materials to your unique situation and create your individual path to healing and wholeness. 
Interested? Go here to learn more about the program and sign up (or get your name on the interest list if doors are closed at this time).
We only open registration two times a year and space is extremely limited, so if registration is not open right now, add your name to the list here so that you can be notified. 
Your relationships, your health (and not to mention your sanity!) is worth this 6-month investment! Go here to learn more.

About Alicia Michelle

Alicia Michelle is a Christian life coach, host of the Vibrant Christian Living Podcast, and founder of the VibrantChristianLiving.com community. Alicia is passionate about empowering women to discover their best selves by overcoming their obstacles and boldly following God’s amazing plan for their lives. Alicia is also the creator of the 5Rs Bible Study™ Method, a simple plan for anyone to understand and apply biblical truth in under 10 minutes a day as part of a daily Bible time. She’s written several Bible studies that use the 5Rs Bible Study™ Method to draw women and families closer to God. In addition, Alicia is a homeschool mom of four very vibrant children (ages 16 to 7), is married to her best friend and husband of 18 years, and loves their country life together.

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