37: Finding Endurance for Those New + Scary Places

Are you stepping into something new and scary right now and you need endurance and hope to persevere through the hard times? Is life difficult because you’re being pushed and grown in a new way (and the growth is painful)? Or maybe you’re walking through a difficult life circumstance and you don’t have any idea how you’re going to make it.
Either way, you really need to know that God is with you, offering you hope and encouragement so you can keep going. 
If so, then today’s episode of the Vibrant Christian Living podcast is for you.
I’m sharing with you (from my the pages of my journal) what I’m learning about endurance and overcoming uncertainty as we walk with God through new and unfamiliar life situations.
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This episode has lots of good nuggets, friend. I pray that it inspires and encourages you to keep going! You’re not alone, and God is with you even in this unfamiliar place.

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Free Bible Study to Help You Manage Anxiety + Fear in Hard Times

As we share about in today's episode, hard times can be an excellent opportunity for us to grow closer to God and lean into His strength and power. I also understand the worry and fear that comes on us when we're going through difficult circumstances. 

With that in mind, can I offer you a free 3-Day Bible study to help you release the worry and fear you may be feeling?

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This powerful free Bible study also will teach you the Spiritual Growth Rhythm–a simple way to receive God's wisdom through Bible study, recognize God at work and release worry and fear to Him. 

Here's a quick video about the Spiritual Growth Rhythm itself:

And of course, don't forget to download the free 3-Bible study on Managing Fear + Anxiety. It's my gift to you, friend!