38: How to Believe In Your True Worth + Identity in Christ

We’re really good at finding our worth and identity in our titles. But what happens when those titles shift and change? Who do we become then?
Today we’re talking about finding worth, identity and significance outside of those titles we’re given (because they are constantly changing), and why so many of us—even those of us who have heard about our identity in Christ–struggle with believing in the worth God has given us as His daughters.  

I hear from so many Christian women who struggle with this and have the hardest time believing that they are worthy. 
If you've ever wondered why it's so hard to believe in your heart that you are worthy, fully loved and that you are enough because of who you are in Christ, you must listen to this episode!
  • How to find your worth in a relationship with Christ
  • The 3 BIG questions our brains are always asking (that dramatically affect our identity)
  • What blocks us from truly believing that we are worthy and enough
  • How to overcome these blocks and truly find significance outside the “titles” we're given

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