41: Free Resource for a Less Stressful Christmas Season

It can seem easy to plan a less stressful Christmas on paper, but how can we support that intention (so that it actually happens)?

Today on the podcast I’m sharing 4 great resources to strengthen your decision to have a less stressful holiday—each one a bonus resource for the Holidays Without Overwhelm Masterclass. Each of these are simple but powerful ways to keep your heart focused on calm, peace and joy this Christmas.

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Discover how to support your desire to have a a calmer, less stressful holiday season! 

Create a Less Stressful Christmas with the “Holidays Without Overwhelm” Masterclass 

Get everything you need to plan your best Christmas ever!

In this self-paced Masterclass, I’ll walk you through how to create your custom plan to:

  • minimize holiday stress,
  • gain confidence to say no to those activities that don’t support your holiday intention, and
  • create a flexible holiday schedule that protects your family’s limits.

Plus, the Masterclass includes 4 bonuses to support your plan including:

  • a Christmas Bible study,
  • holiday audio affirmations,
  • holiday budget tracker; and
  • a holiday present list

In around 2 hours you’ll create a plan to guide your family toward a calmer, less stressful holiday season. Awesome, right?!

Join me now for the awesome Holidays Without Overwhelm Masterclass!