42: Finding Christmas Joy (When Life Isn’t Joyful)

Need help discovering how to find joy at Christmas (when life isn’t necessarily joyful)? We can put all kinds of guilt and shame on ourselves—that we “should” feel joy because it’s Christmas. How can we find joy when life is hard at Christmas?
Let’s spend a few minutes together in today's podcast episode talking about finding holiday joy (plus how to have less stress this Christmas) despite a difficult life situation.
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Maybe the holidays brings up all kinds of emotions tied to your past, or reminds you of the loss of a loved one. Maybe you’re going through a challenging life season. 

No matter what’s going on, the holidays seem to “elevate” the difficult emotions behind the everyday issues we face.

Plus all the holiday festivities put us under extra stress and we’re around people that we’re not normally around… making this time of “holiday cheer” potentially feel anything but cheer-y.

Let's talk about:
  • Practical ways to manage difficult emotions
  • How to release the pain and frustration so you can welcome in Christmas joy
  • Specific ways to nourish yourself this Christmas so you can find replenishment and hope
We can't change our circumstances, but we can change how we perceive what happens to us. Discover how to get more joy and a fresh perspective this Christmas season in today's episode!

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Helpful Resources for Finding Holiday Joy Mentioned in This Episode

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