44: When You’re Feeling Unprepared for Christmas

Panicked because you're feeling unprepared for Christmas? Christmas is right around the corner but it’s not too late to make a holiday plan for a peaceful, less stressful Christmas. 

Overwhelmed by the fact that Christmas is only a few weeks away? 

Take a deep breath… and let’s spend the next 15-ish minutes together in this podcast episode.

Let’s turn that panic into an action plan for what you can do RIGHT NOW to set yourself up for a Christmas full of calm and peace.

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  • How to reduce the overwhelm and panic around your holiday to-do list
  • Simple tips to decide which Christmas activities are must-dos (and which can be eliminated)
  • Ideas on how streamline your holiday season so that you can welcome in more Christmas joy

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  • a Christmas Bible study,
  • holiday audio affirmations,
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  • a holiday present list

In around 2 hours you’ll create a plan to guide your family toward a calmer, less stressful holiday season. Awesome, right?!

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