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45: How to Manage Holiday Triggers

What are your holiday triggers--those stressful holiday situations or challenging people that cause drama in your Christmas activities? We may still have to deal with holiday triggers (certain people or situations that cause festive stress), but we do have a choice in how we perceive and respond to Christmas stress and holiday triggers. Learn how to set up boundaries to protect yourself emotionally and physically this holiday season from these holiday triggers and minimize holiday stress. via @UrVibrantFamily
What are your holiday triggers–those stressful holiday situations or challenging people that can cause drama in your Christmas plans

Listen, we don’t always have a choice about our “must do” holiday activities (or people we may encounter that can trigger us emotionally), but we do always have a choice in how we perceive and respond to these holiday triggers.

In today's episode, you'll learn how to set up boundaries to protect yourself emotionally and physically this holiday season from these holiday triggers and minimize holiday stress.

You are in charge of your physical and emotional energy this Christmas! Let's talk about how to recognize Christmas stress (what some call “festive stress”) and manage holiday triggers so that you can still enjoy a peaceful, joyful holiday season.

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  • How to eliminate potential holiday stress and holiday drama
  • Ways to tactfully put up boundaries around difficult people in order to protect your emotions
  • How to prepare yourself emotionally and physically for holiday drainers
  • Specific tips for replenish yourself should a holiday drainer occur 

Let’s talk about how to protect yourself from those holiday situations that may drain you so that, yes, you CAN STILL enjoy God’s peace and His joy this Christmas.

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