47: Dreaming Big: What Do You Want 2023 to Look Like?

What big dreams do you have for your life? It’s a brand new year and a brand new decade… the perfect time to dream big and to create your best life ever.

But what does “dreaming big” or “becoming your best self” look like from a practical sense? How can we get started?

Aha… that’s what today’s episode is about!

Today on the Vibrant Christian Living podcast I'm sharing practical steps you can take to DREAM BIG so that you can step into your purpose, find more meaning, have a happier life and live your best life now.
I don’t want you to (and more importantly, God doesn't want you to) just play small with your life.
How can we cast big visions for where we really want to go? What can that look like?
Well, join me for the next 30-ish minutes and let's chat about that. 😉
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What are the first steps you can take to discover your purpose and step into your best life? 

Here are some of the secrets I share in this episode:

  • Discover the PIVOTAL thing you MUST do before you start dreaming and setting goals (don't miss this–so many do!)
  • Learn about the 2 amazing planning tools I use with my coaching clients to help them dream big
  • Find out what to do if you've lost hope and can't dream anymore

Plus… I'm revealing some HUGE amazing projects you'll LOVE coming your way in 2020! These are some of my big dreams coming true for this community! 

Hear all about it and get your goal planning blueprint for dreaming big in today's episode.

Listen now!

Other Resources for Goal Setting and Dreaming Big

Free 3-Day Bible Study to Help You Grow Closer to God + Dream Big for Your Life

Why not take the first step to dreaming big by choosing to invest in your relationship with God?

I've created a wonderful 3-day free Bible study called “How to Grow Closer to God” that will not only help you discover a simple way to connect with God (the Spiritual Growth Rhythm) but you'll discover some beautiful truths about God's great plans for your life! 

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Download this awesome free 3-Day Bible study so you can get started on exploring the big dreams that God has for you!