50: but first, Jesus: The Daily Decision to Help You Connect with God

You want to connect with God each day, but you get busy. Being distracted and too busy is a huge spiritual growth issue for many Christian women, and because of this, many miss out on the life changing power of daily quiet time including Bible study, prayer and gratitude. 
I've struggled with it too, and today I'm sharing how this simple phrase–but first Jesus–has transformed my spiritual growth and radically changed my life. Let's talk about how “but first Jesus” can help you overcome your spiritual growth obstacles and help you find more daily joy, peace and purpose too!
I've been able to develop a consistent habit of quiet time with God by choosing to spend time with God first, and “but first Jesus” is a big part of how I keep that promise to myself each day. Let me show you how “but first Jesus” will help you too.
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Today's you'll learn:
  • How to overcome procrastination and the temptation to spend time with God “later”
  • Powerful ideas on how to get motivated and to stay consistent in your daily quiet time
  • How to manage the guilt and shame you may feel about not spending time with God
Friend, let's get real about putting God first and overcoming these spiritual growth obstacles so that we don't miss out on the full, vibrant Christian life that Jesus wants to give us (John 10:10).

Other Resources to Help You Connect with God First

Free 3-Day Bible Study to Help You Grow Closer to God

Why not take the first step to commit to saying “but first Jesus” by giving this free 3-day Bible Study a try? It's an awesome way to grow closer to God.

You'll learn a simple 3-step method for connecting with God each day called the Spiritual Growth Rhythm. Here's more about the Spiritual Growth Rhythm™ in this video:

Download this awesome free 3-Day Bible study so you can try the Spiritual Growth Rhythm for yourself!

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DOWNLOAD THE FREE BIBLE STUDY HERE and get started on your commitment to say, “but first, Jesus”!