52: How to See God in Everyday Life + Practice Gratitude (Recognize: Spiritual Growth Rhythm Pt 2)

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Is God active in our daily lives? How do you see God in your life? I love sharing about how to see God in everyday life with other Christian women because God's presence is always at work in our lives. Finding God in everyday life and practicing gratitude for how God is working will transform your life! 

We just need the tools to recognize God's presence, and that's what I'm teaching you in today's podcast episode!

Seeing God show up in your life is a wonderful spiritual discipline that anyone can learn that brings blessing, comfort and joy. When we know that God is at work (and we recognize it daily and thank God for what He is doing) our perspective on life changes.   

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Listen to this episode and discover a simple daily gratitude practice (step 2 of the Spiritual Growth Rhythm™) that allows you to recognize God at work in your life, to learn to see God in your ordinary days and to enjoy the proven scientific benefits of practicing gratitude.   

Other Resources about Knowing God + How to See God in Everyday Life

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Seeing God in Everyday Life Verses Mentioned in This Podcast Episode

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