56: Overcome Loneliness by Developing Real Connection with God, Yourself + Others

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As Christian women, social media has made us more connected than ever before, yet so many of us feel alone, unloved and not enough.  We were made for real connection with God, with ourselves and with others, and this lack of connection is a huge reason why loneliness is a huge problem.

Loneliness, depression and even suicide rates are the highest they've been since World War II.  How can we overcome loneliness and feel connected, plus have a deep sense of belonging and purpose? 

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I believe that we are lacking in one fundamental thing—connection. I'm talking about true, meaningful, life-changing connection with God, with ourselves and with others.

In today's podcast episode, let's explore this important topic and talk about several powerful ways to minimize loneliness and feelings of disconnection that are eating away at our souls and keeping us held down from truly achieving the glorious existence that God designs for us to enjoy.

You'll discover:

  • 3 powerful ways to connect with God each day (Spiritual Growth Rhythm™)
  • Why this kind of connection to God, yourself and others is so transformative
  • How to create authentic connection with others and yourself (even if you're busy)

Let's talk about real solutions for overcoming loneliness by learning how to grow spiritually, process our emotions and develop true friendships with others that give us the peace, joy and purpose we're looking for!

More Resources for When You Feel Alone and Disconnected

Tired of Feeling Lonely and Disconnected? We're Here to Help. 

You don't have to feel alone, unloved and not enough.  You were made for a deep connection with God that helps you understand and manage your emotions so that you can be your best self. 

It's time for you to know the blessing of seeing God at work in your life as you receive His wisdom and release your worries and fears to Him. 

How? In the Connected Bible Community, we want to help you connect with God in a simple, honest, transformative way for ongoing spiritual replenishment and refreshment. 

How is the Connected Bible Community different? We offer:

  • A monthly magazine with your daily Bible study homework (easy, proven 3-step format helps you go deep with God in around 10 minutes a day)
  • Two live teaching sessions every month (so you can share what you're learning with other ladies and dive deeper on the month's topic)
  • An accountability network, prayer group, and place to share honestly with other women (so you'll know you're not alone and others have your back)
  • Optional group coaching with powerful resources to overcome spiritual growth obstacles and the thoughts/mindsets that hold you back from being your best

Go here to join this wonderful Bible community where we're committed to connect with God, connect with ourselves and connect with other women.