57: When You Don’t Feel God + You Wonder Where Is God?

What do you do when you don't feel God, or you wonder, where is God? Maybe you've gone to church for a while and know God's promises, but somehow God feels far away, you don't know how to connect with God anymore and you begin to doubt your faith and wonder “is God real?”.

Today on the Vibrant Christian Living Podcast I'm sharing my own story (and that of other women I know who have struggled with this) and what you can do to find new confidence in your faith when you begin to wonder if God is still with you.  


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There is hope, and you’re not alone if you feel this way. If you’re struggling, spend the next 30-40 minutes with me and let’s talk about what to do when God feels far away and you secretly begin to doubt your faith.

If you're questioning if God is with you and asking yourself, “is God really there?”, I have three gifts for you in today's podcast episode:
  1. I want to give you scriptural evidence that God is ALWAYS with you
  2. I want to help you overcome the root causes that contribute to those reasons why God feels far away
  3. I want to help you come up with a plan of what to do when you wonder if God is really there

In today's episode, let me show you a proven simple way to connect with God (even when God feels far away) called the Spiritual Growth Rhythm™.

We'll also talk about how to be honest with your emotions and how to build an unshakeable hope through your relationship with Christ that is stronger than your feelings.

I'm excited for us to get real about this very important topic! 

More Resources for When You Don't Feel God


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