58: Best of: How to Know God’s Love + Experience it Everyday

So many Christian women have heard “God loves you” over and over. However, many of us have not allowed this truth to permeate into our hearts, and because of it we don't feel connected to God, and loneliness, fear and anxiety are all too common. 

Why do so many of us struggle with “feeling” loved by God? What blocks us from fully understanding God’s love?

In today's podcast episode, we'll explore what it means to live in God's love, and how answering the question “does God really love me?” is the foundational truth for our self-worth, identity and confidence.

Knowing (to the depth of your soul!) that you are fully loved by God will bring you so much peace and joy. 

Join me today as we explore the first steps of understanding and accepting God’s radical, life-altering love.

Let me show you how God’s love can change our perspective, help us release worry and enjoy freer, happier lives.

Note: Today’s episode is a “best of” episode, meaning that part of the episode is a replay from one of our most popular episodes. 

More Resources for Knowing That God Loves You

NEXT STEPS: Get the “I Am Loved” Bible Study 

Are you struggling? Do you need to know (in your heart) that God loves you and is with you? 

Rediscover the life-changing gift of God's love in the “I am Loved” 4-week Bible Study Course. 

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Transform your mind and your spirit as you apply the power of God's love to your life.

This amazing 4-week Bible Study uses the Spiritual Growth Rhythm so you can:

  • Experience confident joy as God's love renews your mind
  • Find peace as god's love helps you let go of worry and fear
  • Rediscover hope as God's love offers a new perspective on trials 

This Bible study on love is different because we get to the nitty-gritty about why it can be difficult to feel God’s love in your heart with questions like:

  • “How have you learned what love is and how to receive love?”
  • “How can understanding God’s love for you give you a new filter for looking at your circumstances?”

You'll also learn the difference between God’s love and the world’s love (and how it’s so easy for us to get that confused in our thoughts).

You'll walk away with a tangible list of ways that God’s love can change your life, right now!


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