59: Living in God’s Love When You’ve Been Hurt with Sarah Mae

What do you do when loving yourself or loving others is hard because you've been hurt in the past? 

How can you move through the hurt and, with God’s help, find forgiveness and healing so that you can know you are loved by God and be free to fully love others? Understanding God's love is an essential part of connecting with ourselves and connecting with others

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Today’s guest is Christian author, speaker and podcast host Sarah Mae. In today’s episode Sarah shares from her newest book The Complicated Heart which details the story of how God’s redemptive love gave her the ability to learn how to love her mom despite her tumultuous upbringing and to eventually learn how to fully accept God’s love for herself.

If you find it difficult to love others or are in a relationship where you don’t feel loved, this episode is for you! Sarah's story is a beautiful encouragement of how God's love can heal seemingly impossible situations. She also shares several scriptures for loving others and gives advice for taking the first steps to let go of the pain.

Heads up: Today’s episode covers some difficult topics probably not suitable for little ears and also may bring up some difficult memories if you’ve struggled with abuse or a difficult past. 

More Resources for Loving Others and Living in God's Love

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This Bible study on love is different because we get to the nitty-gritty about why it can be difficult to feel God’s love in your heart with questions like:

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