61a: Mindset Matters: Help! I Need a New Mindset + a New Attitude!

Are you thinking, “I need a new mindset!”? Are you ready for a new attitude, especially around difficult life circumstances that are out of your control?

Need helpful tips for getting through a funk or releasing negative emotions so that you can be happier and more peaceful?

I recorded this bonus podcast episode in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic because after weeks of sheltering in place and having our routines disrupted we're all dealing with frustration and need a new mindset!

I'm sharing honestly about what I'm experiencing and how I'm helping myself find a new attitude through this.

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Connecting with God in order to get a new mindset is really important right now, and I'm sharing how you can do that using the Spiritual Growth Rhythm that we practice in the Connected Bible Community.

I'm also sharing:

  • How to understand the key source of your bad attitude
  • How to listen to your four parts of self (and help them stay healthy)
  • Practical ways to release frustration and to welcome in grace for yourself

Plus, I'm sharing the #1 technique I'm using (Mindset Makeover) to literally give myself a new attitude from the inside out! This is a scientifically based way to rewire negative thoughts and create a positive attitude that can give you the energy and strength to thrive and stay strong through this time. 

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Apply Now to Work with Me for a Mindset Makeover

If you'd like to work with me for a Mindset Makeover, it's a 10-week scientific process where we'll uncover your key subconscious thoughts and then work to literally re-wire them from the inside out.

It's simple, powerful and really does work (hint: that's why I'm going through it with myself again). 

I have seen this process do AMAZING things in my own attitude/perspective in the past, and I've coached many other women through it too (and watched their mindsets transform and their confidence grow!).

Imagine how awesome it would be to go through this crisis without being sabotaged by negative thoughts and frustrations! A Mindset Makeover is a great way to give yourself the emotional strength you need to stay positive and strong during this crisis. 

GO HERE to the coaching page and apply now for coaching. Note on the coaching application that you're interested in a Mindset Makeover. I look forward to hearing from you!