62: Mindset Matters: Breaking the What If Worry Cycle

When you struggle with anxious thoughts, you often find yourself in the what if worry cycle, a pattern of anxious thoughts and what if questions that cause stress and create a pattern of chronic worrying.

How can we stop what if worrying and connect with God in order to release our fears of the future and find lasting peace and hope?

Today I’m sharing my story of how I have always struggled with worry and anxiety (and especially what if thoughts), even as a child. But by God’s grace and kindness, I have learned how to worry less and manage these what if questions. 

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God has taught me what it means to live in peace—untroubled by fears of the future—by releasing my worries and what if questions.

Today I’m sharing practical tips on how you can step out of the what if worry cycle too!

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Free Bible Study on Managing Anxiety

I created an awesome 3-day free Bible study for anyone struggling with fear and anxiety

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Learn to Release Anxious Thoughts Through Bible Study + Prayer in the Connected Bible Community

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