65: Identity Pt 1: How to Stop Negative Self Talk + Walk in Your Identity in Christ

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As a daughters of God, we have a new identity in Christ. Yet so many of us struggle with walking in our God-given identity because of negative self-talk. Even though we're connected to God, we listen to the enemy's lies instead of God's truths and we are robbed of the peace, joy and confidence that comes from living in our new identity. 
How can we manage our inner critic and stop negative self talk so that we can let our new identity in Christ change our lives? If you struggle with this too (and what Christian woman doesn't?) then you'll love this episode!
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Today we’re starting a 2 part series on walking in our identity with my dear friend–Bible teacher and women's conference speaker Octavia Louis. She shared so many truth bombs in our conversation that I had to split it into two episodes!
Octavia tells honest stories from her own struggles with identity, gives powerful tips, and girl, we LAUGH. I can’t wait for you to hear our conversation!
  • What our God-given identity is (and what it is not)
  • How to walk in your true identity (not your lie-dentity)
  • Tips for managing self talk and the inner critic
  • How to stop beating yourself up over past mistakes so you can embrace your new identity in Christ
We are not defined by our roles, our mistakes or what the world says we should be. Friend, it's time to stop the negative self talk and start building ourselves up in the truths of our God-given identity! 

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