68: Transformation Story: How Kelly Moved Her Faith from Her Head to Her Heart

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Ever felt like your relationship with God was like checking a box? That your connection with God was in your head but not in your heart? Maybe you been told “God loves you” and “God is in control,” but Christian truths ring hollow in your heart and God feels far away, even though you go to church and do all “right things” to connect with God.
Today on the podcast I’m sharing a conversation with Kelly –a coaching client of mine and a member of our Connected Bible Community— and how she, in just 3 months, has taken her faith, as she puts it “from her head to her heart.”
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We want our spiritual connection with God to be honest and heartfelt. At the end of the day, we don’t want religion or rules—we want a relationship with God that transforms us. 
We don't want God to feel far away. We’re born with a desire to know and to be known in an authentic way, and we have the privilege of experiencing that in Christ.
Kelly's spiritual growth testimony is a powerful example of what happens when we ask, “What are those hidden spiritual growth obstacles that keep me from growing closer to God?” (and we're bold enough to confront them and to find healing).
I’m so excited to share Kelly’s story with you and for you to hear about the amazing spiritual growth so you too can be encouraged to create a spiritual connection with Christ that is more than checking a box, but a life-giving relationship that transforms you from the inside out!

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In the Connected Bible Community we give you the tools to make spiritual growth simple, helping you grow from a place of being frustrated in your faith to a place of confident, authentic connection with God. 

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