69: What’s Going On Inside? Learning About the 4 Parts of Self

What’s going on inside you right now? Maybe you’re feeling frustrated and overwhelmed but are wondering “What am I feeling?” and “Why do I feel like this?” You’re not sure what’s going on with your emotions, but you’re tired of running from them and want to find healing and life balance so you can be yourself again.
Today on the podcast we’re going to do a self-check on what’s going on inside by looking at our four parts of self.  We’ll talk about what are the four parts of self and how the four parts of self work together to create our thoughts, emotions and overall perspective. We’ll also address why running away from problems and hiding your feelings are common issues we all deal with. 
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Most importantly, we’re asking “what's going on inside of me?” with tons of grace and self-compassion. We will be gentle with ourselves as we take a closer look at what our our spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical selves are feeling right now so we can find true healing.
In today’s podcast episode, I’m excited to help you discover what’s going on inside so you can stop hiding your feelings and make a plan for change.

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