71: Self Care 101: Managing Capacity, Clutter, Calm and Control

Want more life balance? Ready for Self Care 101: the basics on how to best take care of yourself for emotional, spiritual and physical health and life balance?
It starts with understanding more about what I call the 4 Cs—capacity, clutter, calm + control. These are 4 elements that we must continually manage in order to stay balanced in each part of self (learn more about the 4 parts of self in Episode 69 and Episode 70).
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These self care 101 elements are an essential part of creating our plan for daily life balance and ongoing replenishment. We cover capacity, clutter, calm and control (and how to make them a part of your custom plan for self care) in my Reset Life Balance Group Coaching program, and so I’m excited to give you a little sneak peek into that process.
  • What self care is and what self care isn't
  • 4 key elements to maintaining the 4 parts of self in a healthy way
  • How to identify and manage your capacity in this life season
  • How to find and eliminate clutter (emotional, intellectual, spiritual and physical)
  • My calm list (and ideas for making your own calm list)
  • How to release control over those things that are out of your control
Today's podcast is part of a series on self care to help you release stress, find inner healing and create your unique plan for life balance and self care. 
Be sure to listen to the other podcast episodes on self care (under related resources) to learn more!

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NEXT STEPS: Create Your Custom Plan for Balance + Self Care in the Reset Group Coaching Program

You know you need more calm, rest and balance in your life. But where do you start?

What does self care even look like when you're a busy mom and/or a working woman and constantly pulled in a hundred directions? 

How can you find time to take care of yourself when it takes all your emotional and physical energy just to make it through this season?

And let's not get started about the guilt you feel about taking care of yourself…

If this sounds like you, then the Reset Life Balance Group Coaching Program is exactly what you need.

Reset is a 6-month group coaching intensive with the practical tools, accountability and encouragement you need to create daily spiritual, emotional, intellectual + physical self-care rhythms for ongoing clarity, calm and confidence, no matter the life season. 


In the 6-Month Reset Group Coaching Program, we’ll cultivate your plan to:

  • Enjoy daily soul rest with a simple 3-step strategy for growing closer to God
  • Manage emotional triggers + use powerful, brain-based strategies to overcome negative thought patterns that have kept you from lasting change 
  • Ditch limiting beliefs and half-truths that keep you from living in the light of God’s freedom as His beloved daughter
  • Create new habits for joyful movement and a healthier body for more energy + vitality 
  • Release guilt + shame about self care + find the motivation, accountability + encouragement needed to make self-care a reality in your lifestyle

As a trained and certified Christian life coach, I have helped many other women find calm, clarity and happiness using the techniques we use in Reset.

There are a limited number of spots available, and we only offer the 6-Month Reset Group Coaching once a year!

Apply now for Reset Group Coaching and let's design your custom plan for ongoing balance, self-care + replenishment for a stronger, happier, more confident you!