72: Mindset Matters: How to Renew Your Mind + Overcome Negative Thought Patterns

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Want practical tips to renew your mind like the Bible encourages in Romans 12:2? We must learn to overcome negative thought patterns, reverse negative thinking, and manage our thoughts if we want to have life balance and live with freedom and power as God's daughters. 

Today we're talking about why our thoughts matter (not only to us but to God); and how we can use scripture, neuroscience and what we know about the brain to create a happier life through the power of our thoughts.

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Have you ever noticed how your thoughts affect your actions and dramatically impact your day and your circumstances?

The truth is that our thoughts create our emotions, and thoughts and emotions combine to create how we view what's going on around us.  

You'll learn:

  • Why our thoughts have such power over our actions and life perspective
  • How a negative thought pattern forms in the brain
  • How to renew your mind using proven brain science priming techniques 
  • How to rewire your thoughts to create new habits and a happier life

I'm excited to share with you some of neuroscience training I've received as a certified Neurocoach™ and some of the techniques I use in my 1:1 coaching and Reset group coaching program to help clients renew their thoughts, reverse negative thinking and step move confidently toward new habits.

Today's podcast is part of a series on self care to help you release stress, find inner healing and create your unique plan for life balance and self care. 
Be sure to listen to the other podcast episodes on self care (under related resources) to learn more!

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After hearing this you’re like, “Alicia, I really need help in reframing my thoughts,” then let's chat! 

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I want to help you: 

  • Discover the thoughts and mindsets that keep you from believing in God's promises for you
  • Help you find security and wholeness in a relationship with God
  • Create a daily rhythm of spiritual connection with God that works for you (and changes your life) 
  • Understand the gifts, talents and passions God has given you so you can create a happier, better future

Go to vibrantchristianliving.com/coaching right now, click on “APPLY FOR COACHING” and fill out a brief application form so I can get to know you better and help you determine if coaching is the next best step for you. 

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