88: 5 Soul Care Gifts to Give Yourself This Year: Pt 5: Determine Core Life Values

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Let’s talk about how to determine your core life values (those life principles that make you unique and make your soul come alive) and give some examples of core life values so you can discover more purpose, fulfillment and ongoing renewal for your mind. 
Today we’re using all that we’ve discovered in this soul care series to identify our core values and priorities. 
I’m excited to help you consider what your core life values are, and learn how you can create regular habits that support your core life values so that you can find more joy and bring glory to God for how He’s made you!
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We’ll talk about:
  • How to determine your core life values
  • Some examples of core life values
  • What to do if it feels like your life doesn’t reflect your main priorities
  • How to remove obstacles that keep you from your core values
I’ll be sharing my own examples of core values in terms of each of the parts of self (intellectual, spiritual, emotional and physical) to give you some inspiration on discovering your core values. 
Join me as we go through this core values exercise in order to discover more soul care (and joy).

Today's Question: Pt 5: Prioritize Core Values

Here's today's action activity and question to ask yourself (remember–open this gift within the next 24-48 hours so you can take the first step to enjoying this soul care gift!):

What are some of your core values (as defined in today’s episode)? What mindsets or activities bring you joy and life? How do these things reflect God’s character in you? 

Next, decide which of these core values you’d like to bring into your life more regularly. What is the first thing you might try to make that core value a reality? What can you do within the next 24-48 hours to make that more of a reality in your life?

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  • Give glory to God and connect deeply with Him;
  • Serve the ones you love with more joy; and
  • Find YOU again. 

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