Welcome back! Today is a bonus session where we'll be recapping all that we've learned, and talking about tips to keep anxiety and fear at bay. 

P.S. Miss the Day 1, Day 2 or Day 3 resources? Click here for Day 1 (or for SGR resources)click here for Day 2; or click here for Day 3.

next steps:

Like we've been sharing, it takes time and practice to build the "muscle" of choosing to trust in God's promises instead of leaning into fear and worry. It doesn't come overnight.

And the #1 way to strengthen that muscle? Spending time everyday receiving God's wisdom; recognizing God at work; and releasing worry through prayer--exactly what we've been doing in the Spiritual Growth Rhythm™ Worksheets.

I want to help you continue to find growth in managing stress and anxiety, and that's why I highly recommend you continue your growth by joining us for the Connected Bible Community! 

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Imagine how amazing it would be to have the resources you need to not only connect powerfully with God everyday, but to RELEASE worry and fear on a daily basis! Plus you'll have an online community of women cheering for you and celebrating all your growth.

Now is a great time to see for yourself how this kind of high-level connection with Christ, with yourself and with other women can be an immense help in keeping worry, fear and anxiety at bay. Try it out now for only $1!

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